ACS enters the offshore wind energy with Ventizz

ACS enters the offshore wind power. ACS is already present in the concentrated solar power and wind farm sector. ACS is the largest shareholder in Iberdrola, also committed with offshore wind power.

Hochtief and venture capital firm Ventizz have formed a partnership, owned 50%, which is devoted to the development of wind farms at sea for resale, according to the German company controlled by ACS.

This new company is already developing a wind farm, which Ventizz brings to the joint venture, and analyzes the promotion of four other offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

Thus, Hochtief construction company diversified its business to an area that has seen a "huge business potential." In Germany alone, the government aims to have 10,000 megawatts of offshore wind power on the horizon of 2010.

The company and its partner Hochtief is not seeking to exploit the offshore wind power, but manage their promotion and development for subsequent sale to operators, as groups or electrical energy, or financial investors.

By José Santamarta,