The State of Concentrating Solar Thermal Power in the United States

IntertechPira is pleased to announce it will be holding a free online learning event on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 12 p.m. EST featuring Dr. Fred Morse, Senior Advisor, U.S. Operations, Abengoa Solar and Chairman, Utility Scale Power Division, SEIA. Dr. Morse will be presenting “The State of CSP in the United States,” which will provide an in-depth perspective on the current state of the industry, as well as an overview on what future challenges and opportunities exist in the Concentrated Solar Power marketplace.

Some of the topics to be covered by Dr. Morse include:

Where the solar radiation is suitable in the United States
How transmission influences siting
The permits, licenses and NEPA actions necessary to build a CSP plant
Federal policies that currently support CSP development
An overview of operational plants, as well as plants currently under construction and an estimate of the jobs to be created once they are operational
The benefits of CSP with thermal energy storage
The wildcards that will influence the outlook for CSP

Dr. Morse first became involved in renewable energy issues in the late 1960s when he served as Executive Director of the White House Assessment of Solar Energy as a National Energy Resource. In his work at the US Department of Energy he played a significant role in defining and managing major solar energy R&D programs. Dr. Morse was the Chairman of the Western Governors’ Association Solar Task Force, a member of the New Mexico CSP Task Force, and is currently the Chairman of the USP Division of the US Solar Energy Industries Association.

This free webinar is the first half of a CSP State of the Union event, with the second session to be delivered by Frank (Tex) Wilkins, Consultant and Former CSP Team Leader at the US Department of Energy. Mr. Wilkins will deliver his address on-location as part of the 4th Annual Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Conference, April 18-19, 2012 in San Diego, CA.

“Dr. Morse and Tex Wilkins have been instrumental in providing wisdom and insight on CSP these many years, and continue to be uniquely qualified as industry pacesetters,” said Andrew T. Smaha, Conference Director, IntertechPira. “By combining this complimentary pre-conference webinar with an on-site plenary session, we are pleased that both experts will have a chance to play a central role in shaping the discourse for the 4th Annual Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Conference.”

The online webinar is free and open to all, will also include a live question and answer period, and will be recorded. If you can’t attend the live event, register now to ensure you receive the proceedings within 24 hours. For more information and to register visit

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