Electric Vehicles: SPIE Shares its Experience as a Charging Station Installer

Electric vehicles: SPIE shares its experience as a charging station installer. SPIE is taking part in the first "Assises Nationales des Infrastructures de Charge" exhibition held in Nice on February 16 and 17 to promote the deployment of electric vehicles charging stations.

By supporting this exhibition’s first edition, SPIE aims to showcase its experience in the reductions of greenhouse gases in the transport sector, one of the major sources of emissions in France.

SPIE is especially active in the installation and maintenance of infrastructures supporting electric mobility for public and private transport on both local and nationwide scales in France. Its principal customers are car manufactures, industrial firms in general, local and regional authorities and commercial sector firms.

SPIE offers its expert advice on the various solutions that may be adopted according to the customer’s charging requirements, provides them with assistance from design through to maintenance, including the provision of parking places reserved for the charging of electric vehicles.

10% of the Group’s vehicle fleet is to be electric

Strongly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities, SPIE is taking steps to cut down on waste from its work sites and also to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions linked to all its business travel requirements. The major target for 2015 is increase the Group’s fleet of electric vehicles to reach 10% of its total vehicle fleet (including 17% for the "utility" category) by purchasing 330 3m3 utility vehicles and 400 company cars (2 seaters). With the development of electric mobility, SPIE plans to cut its CO2 emissions by 3,000 tonnes a year. In addition, it is to provide its personnel with eco-driving training and promote the organisation of car-pooling within the company.

SPIE, the first company to have obtained the "energy efficiency" accreditation awarded by SERCE (French association of electrical engineering and HVAC companies), has for several years been pursuing a strategy to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of its customers and its own activities. Optimising energy efficiency through energy performance contracts, energy saving certificates and energy-efficiency services, etc., is a top priority. In implementing its eco-responsible approach, SPIE focuses on concrete achievements in developing the world around us.