Benefits of solar energy in Somalia

Speaking at the minister of energy said solar power is increasingly all over the world and there are many benefits to using solar power such as solar power can be harnessed using PV system or inj a pool cover, solar garden lights or as a solar oven etc.

The benefits alone maay persuade us to consider solar power in the near future he also elaborate on the benefits of solar power to the environment which is gthe sun is an almost infinite source of power, providing energy nearly everyday for free this alone is an advantage over other energy source like coal and nuclear power which are expensive to maintain he reiterate that the use of solar power releases no emission into the air, thus helping prevent global warming and other plulution problems on the part of electricity he added that solar power can provide enough energy to power your own home and even the hoe of your neighbours, if your solar panels collect energy will be distributed through the power grid for other to use with a PV system, you would never again, the forum electricity co-hosted by local NGO, and it was partly.