100 megawatts of solar power for Haiti

The EDH currently produces 130 megawatts, the addition of these 100 megawatts would have a major positive impact on the energy requirements of Haiti.

According to the Company representative in Haiti, the engineer Jean Lucien Ligondé, the investment would exceed 300 million U.S. dollars and will include the installation of several solar power plants and the renovation of a part of network of the Électricité D’Haïti (EDH) in metropolitan areas and of 3 sub-stations of the Central Péligre. "It remains to the company to sign an agreement with the Haitian authorities to initiate the work that will last nine months" has indicated the engineer who adds that "Gigawatt global" wishes realize this project very quickly in Haiti.

On the other hand, the engineer estimated that this project will not only reduce energy dependence of Haiti, by using solar energy, a clean, renewable energy, but also make save to the country 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil per year. he ecological effects of this project, are not negligible because these plants will allow to reduce of 185,000 tonnes/year, the emissions of greenhouse gas CO2.