Paraíba will have the first concentrated solar power plant in Brazil

Coremas City, located in the interior of Paraíba, may be the first major concentrating solar thermal power plant in Brazil. The investment is 350 million reais.

The high incidence of sunlight and plenty of water are the main reasons that led the company from Sao Paulo Rio Alto Energia to invest in a solar thermal installation in the city.

The technology used is unprecedented in Brazil and the initial production capacity of the concentrated solar power is 50 megawatts (MW), enough to power a city of 850,000 inhabitants in Brazil.

With this private project, they can also ensure the production of electricity at night with burning coconut residues, which can decrease the volume of waste in the region.

So far the only solar thermal projects in Latin America are developing by Abengoa in Mexico and other development project in Chile in the Atacama Desert, not yet closed. Spain has more than 1,100 MW of CSP.