Huiyin-Group secures first concentrating solar power orders

Huiyin-Group presents its new heat collecting elements to the market during the CSP Today conference in South Africa. After rigorous testing in the well-know test laboratories in Europe, the Beijing based Huiyin-Group is launching its standard heat collecting elements (HCE) or vacuum tube to the concentrating solar power market.

The main difference with other HCE on the market is the sturdy quality of our stainless steel tube, which, with a wall thickness of 3 mm, is a real battle horse, explains Mr. Juha Ven, the president of the group. “Even at extremely low flow rates, there was no lasting damage to the tubes as a result of bending. While in some fields the tubes have been prone to bursting, our more robust products have remained completely stable. On top of that, all of our HCE can be re-evacuated in the field in case of a vacuum failure, in the event of for example a hydrogen leakage” he says. “This makes our HCE much more reliable from a technical point of view. At Huiyin, we all share the same passion for technology and a have a clear focus on quality”.

The quality of our vacuum tubes has been extensively tested over the past three years in most of the well-known European test sites, says Mrs. Kang, general manager of the 20.000 m² production site located in Weihai, Shandong province. “With our first orders secured, we thought the moment is right to introduce our HCE products and services to the market. Today we can back up any market demand with fully proven and tested qualities and services” she adds. “We are proud to show our ISO 14000 and ISO 9001 certificates from TUV and a large, growing number of testing certificates that are convincing more and more customers in the market” When asked for their future plans, Mrs. Kang points out that the capacity doubles from 50.000 to 100.000 HCE next year.

“With a first commercial order of 10.000 tubes well under way for the Thai market, and several others close to signing, we have made a good start” says Mr. Kari Ven, sales director. “We can see a shift from the European market to Africa and Asia. With our production in Weihai next to the major gateway of Qingdao, we are in an excellent position to fulfill the customer’s demand for reliable and sturdy products and, at the same time, offer real value for money. Our customers like the idea of this mix of European technology and Chinese craftsmanship. We are developing custom build HCE to individual specifications in less than 6 months, starting from scratch” he says.

“We build specific products for the DSG and HTF fields, both in 70, 80 and 90 mm and in lengths up to 5 meters. Of course, we can reduce the wall thickness should this be requested.”

Huiyin-Group was started by Mr. Ven, who has also started the Luz facilities after their bankruptcy in 1992. “We thought it was necessary to provide continuity and to keep the solar fields in Kramer Junction and Harper Lake from collapsing” he says. “That is why we started Solel. Today we want to offer the market a real alternative. That is why we focus entirely on our role as HCE manufacturer. We come to the market as a new player with a lot of history to offer.”

HUIYIN-GROUP was established in 2002. The headquarter located in Beijing CBD district and factory located in prime industrial zone in Weihai Shandong. The company has its branch in Spain, which is the world leading market in the solar energy. HUIYIN-GROUP has an excellent sales team and research and development team whose members are from internationalized listed companies.

The group covers an area of 70000 square meters, with plant area of 100000 square meters. Now HUIYIN has 190 staff, including 30% management personnel. The company is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales and case solution of high, medium and low temperature equipment in the solar thermal energy. The company has become a qualified supplier and long-term strategic cooperation partner with State Power Corporation of Spain, China, India, the United States, Australia and some other countries.

HUIYIN-GROUP has a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with a lot of international and domestic universities and institutions of solar energy.