Mexico’s wind energy capacity stands at 1,000 MW

The president of the Mexican Wind Energy Association, or AMDEE, Leopoldo Rodriguez, told EFE that that figure is significant because it represents 2 percent of the country’s total power generating capacity.

Rodriguez noted that as recently as the close of 2011 Mexico’s total wind turbines generating capacity stood at just 519 MW but that it has climbed rapidly due to the installation of new turbines in recent months and now is sufficient to provide electricity to a city of some 2 million inhabitants.

"And we can say with complete certainty that by 2014 at least 2,500 MW will be installed at projects already under construction or in very advanced stages," he added. Rodriguez said wind energy in Mexico has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

Projects were given a boost beginning in 2006 due to more favorable legal and regulatory conditions and from 2008 to the present they have progressed to the construction phase, he said.

Mexico also supports the sector’s development by working in close coordination with leading wind energy producers such as Denmark, Spain, Germany and the US.

Wind power in Mexico

2004: 2 MW
2005: 2 MW
2006: 84 MW
2007: 85 MW
2008: 85 MW
2009: 202 MW
2010: 517 MW
2011: 873 MW
2014: 2.500 MW (p)