Hiriko test its electric car in Brazil

The electric car Hiriko will be tested in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis from next December. The agreement with the Brazilian city on sustainable urban mobility includes a commitment to undertake a study of transportation needs in Florianópolis city where lives half a million inhabitants, although in the summer reaches two million people.

The Brazilian city streets and spaces offered to prove the first Hiriko electric vehicles later this year, as will happen in Barcelona, Vitoria, San Francisco (USA), Berlin (Germany) and Malmö (Sweden).

The first electric vehicle Hiriko was launched last January 24 at the European Commission in Brussels as an example of sustainable mobility.

It is anticipated that the first 20 electric vehicles will be released next fall and the first city in which you can see an electric car Hiriko will be Vitoria, which this year is the European Green Capital.

In 2013 would be ready the first assembly line to start electric car production at a rate of 7 to 8 units per hour, and by 2015 they expect to produce 9,000 electric cars annually.

The technological study to carry out the new model was conducted in the MIT Media Lab of Massachusetts and the prototype has been developed by companies Afypaida Vitoria, Guardian, Sapa, TMA, Forging Products, BRW-Basque Robot Wheels, Ingeinnova and Maser Mic, coordinated by Denokin.

By José Santamarta, www.hiriko.com/