The renewable market (wind power and solar energy) keeps expanding

Unprecedented numbers, despite the crisis, for the market of renewable technologies. After the 13% growth in 2011, forecasts are positive also for 2012

Notwithstanding the difficult economic situation across the world, the renewable energy market continues to be positively dynamic. In 2011 investments in this sector have grown significantly,by 13% compared with the previous year, reaching 8.99 billion dollars.

Furthermore, the greater competition in this sector caused merger and acquisition operations to attain unprecedented levels in 2011, with 391 offers for a turnover of 41.2 billion dollars, equivalent to a 153% growth over 2010.

The field of solar energy attracted the largest share of the investments (1.81 billion dollars), followed by energy efficiency (1.46 billion dollars). Nevertheless, within the latter most operations took place.

The geographical distribution of investments in clean technologies in 2011 assigns a 76% share of the overall number to North America (California in the first place), followed by Europe that, together with Israel, accounted for 14% of the global investment. The remaining 10% of the investments were made in Asia and Oceania.

Notwithstanding this remarkable growth of invested capital, the global amount of the operations diminished by 7% compared with the previous year. As regards perspectives for 2012, according to forecasts based on historic data, investments will register a further and significant surge.