Electric Vehicles International Expands California Manufacturing Operations

EVI has been working on expanding the company’s national reach. The opening of the Michigan office will allow EVI to better service our customers in the United States.

EVI has also increased manufacturing capabilities at our headquarters in Stockton, California. The California expansion includes an addition of 30,000 square feet to our plant as well as installation of new equipment. This expansion will allow EVI to maximize production of core electric vehicles.

"EVI is excited about establishing a Michigan office and sees this as the next crucial step in broadening our footprint. Michigan is the core of the automotive industry and we look forward to partnering with key companies as EVI grows," said Frank Jenkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our plant improvements in California will help EVI modernize our electric vehicle manufacturing process, increase our production capacity and provide additional jobs."

EVI is a pioneer in zero emission electric vehicle development, manufacturing and deployment, with over 20 years of success optimizing zero emission, all-electric Powertrains. Our vehicles are manufactured with the most efficient electric motors and the safest, longest-lasting batteries, seamlessly integrated into tough American-built chassis relied upon by fleet operators throughout the nation and the world.