Solar Power Mexico conference

Held as part of the Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress (MIREC), and sponsored by Siemens, Solar Power Mexico will feature over 30 expert speakers. Dedicated sessions will cover the availability of government support, case studies of the first utility scale projects, investment opportunities and much more.

Until now, Mexico’s vast solar resource has remained exploited only at a domestic scale. However, as price parity of solar begins to be reached, coupled with poor European market conditions, Mexico is beginning to attract the attention of utility scale developers.

"It is well recognized that Mexico’s vast solar resource provides the country potential to become a global market leader" said Anna Watson, Director of Solar Power Mexico. "Whilst the government has enacted policies to facilitate development and is presently undertaking country wide solar mapping research, a key barrier is still considered to be lack of government tariffs to support large scale projects. Solar Power Mexico will unite key international players with government officials and investors to discuss the latest case studies and resolve how best to drive the industry forward".

The conference will present a balanced agenda with speakers from both government and industry. Organizations already confirmed to speak include SENER, CFE, CRE, Abengoa, Siliken, Enel Green Power, DelSol Systems, DesMex Solar and Granite Chief and many more.

“Mexico has more sunshine per capita than most countries in the world… Mexico can be one of the world’s largest players in this process given our cost and location advantages.”
Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, Baja California Governor

The Solar Power Mexico conference and exhibition aims for the first time to unite key international players in this growing industry to drive forward government support, promote financial backing and provide a platform for discussion on how the Mexican solar industry can become a global market leader.

Solar Mexico is being held as part of the Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress that will unite the leaders of the wind and geothermal industries, further granting your organisation an overview of how solar will fit into the wider picture of renewable development.

Special keynote:

Mario Molina, Nobel Prize Winner and Environmental Spokesman

Mario José Molina-Pasquel Henríquez is a Mexican chemist and one of the most prominent precursors to the discovering of the Antarctic ozone hole. He was a co-recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his role in elucidating the threat to the Earth’s ozone layer of chlorofluorocarbon gases (or CFCs), becoming the first Mexican-born citizen to ever receive a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Mr Molina will deliver the keynote opening address at Solar Power Mexico 2012. Arrive early to avoid missing his insights into Mexico’s role in the future of the global environment.

Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress- Day 1:

Mario Molina, Nobel Prize Winner and Environmental Spokesman
Francisco Acosta Arredondo, Chief Modernization Officer, CFE
Alejandro Pereza Garcia, General Director of Electricity and Renewable Energy, CRE
Luis Arias, Chief Executive Officer of generation, transmission and transformation of electrical energy, Secretary of Energy
Arnoldo Rodríguez, Presidente Municipal de Zacatecas
Alejandro Velasco, Director of Renewable Energy, Oaxaca
David Munoz, Director, Baja California Energy Commission
Eleanore Fox, Energy Officer, U.S. Embassy Mexico City
Juan Manuel Carreras López, Director General, FIDE, CFE
Brian Schmidly, Mexico Coordinator, DESERTEC Foundation
Miguel Angel Avila Rosales, Senior Member, IEEE

Solar Power Mexico- Day 2:

Roberto Tovar Chains, Deputy Manager of Renewable Energy Projects, CFE
Vicente Estrada-Cajigal, President, The Mexican National Solar Energy Association (ANES)
Ignacio Osorio, Founder and CEO, DelSol Systems
Roberto Marcos, Country Head, Chile, Abengoa
Manuel Vegara Llanes, Director, LATAM Operations, Siliken
Nicola Melchiotti, Country Manager, Enel Green Power
Andre von Frantzius, Solar Proejct Manager, DesMex Solar
Fernando Arriaga, Chief Executive Officer, Granite Chief
Gabriel Monti, Regional Director for Latin America, Solaria
Christian Ebner, Business Development, Fronius
Dr. Mauro Valdes Germain, Solar Mapping Researcher, UNAM
Jorge Huacuz, Non Conventional Energy Unit, IIE Electrical Research Institute
Dr. Rafael E. Cabanillas López, Project Manager, Concentrating Solar Projects, University of Sonora
Ross Tyler, Project Director, Executive Director, UNEP SEF Alliance, Clean Energy Group
Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho, Lead Energy Specialist, Inter- American Development Bank
Ramon Olivas, Senior Assocate, Emerging Energy and Environment CleanTech Fund
Jose Antonio Aguilar, Deputy General Director of Investment Bank, NAFIN
Rafael Escandon, Project Development, North American Development Bank
Nikolai Dobrott, Managing Partner, Apricum

This event is fully supported by the Mexican National Solar Energy Association (ANES)

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