Nigeria Orders 126 T3 Electric Vehicles From T3 Motion

T3 Motion, Inc. (NYSE AMEX:TTTM) a producer of clean/green technology, announced that T3 Motion has received an order from newly-appointed Nigerian distributor for 126 T3 Electric Stand-up Vehicles (ESV) and 126 Motiontrak GPS tracking systems. The electric vehicles are anticipated to be used for government customs and security initiatives.

With 155 million people, Nigeria has the world’s eighth most populous nation and has the third largest economy in Africa, following South Africa and Egypt. Nigeria is the eighth largest exporter of petroleum in the world, accounting for nearly 11% of United States oil supply.

"This quarter, our company has reached a milestone with over 500 vehicles on backlog, a record for T3 Motion. To fulfill this demand, we are expanding our manufacturing capabilities and are launching strong sales campaigns to leverage our success," stated Ki Nam, T3 Motion CEO. "As the third largest player in Africa, Nigeria represents a milestone in our company’s expanding footprint, reinforcing our global deployment strategy and supporting our ongoing sales growth."

The T3 ESV is an electric law enforcement patrol vehicle known for its command presence, quick response time and iconic look that is designed to decrease operating costs, reduce crime and increase patrol capabilities. More than 3,000 T3 Series vehicles have been deployed in over 30 countries worldwide.

T3 Motion, Inc. (AMEX: TTTM) designs, markets and manufactures the T3 Series, an electric stand up vehicle. Headquartered in Orange County, California, T3 Motion, Inc. is dedicated to raising the bar on environmental standards and law enforcement and security capabilities in personal mobility technology.