Chinese auto industry sells more electric vehicles than Hybrid

Analysts predict that sales figures of hybrid and electric cars will be increasing exponentially over the next few years around the globe, especially in the Asia Pacific region. By 2017, it is expected that N America will sell around 300,000 electric vehicless and hybrid while Asia Pacific region will sell around 620,000 units of electric vehicles and hybrids.

China new energy vehicle output hits 8368 units in 2011. In 2011, China manufactured 5655 pure electric vehicles and only 2713 hybrid electric cars.

China Knowledge quoted according to statistics released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers or CAAM that China, the world’s largest automobile market produced 8,368 new energy vehicles and sold 8,159 such kinds of autos last year.

Sources reported that both numbers are higher than their respective figures in 2010. In 2011, China manufactured 5,655 pure electric vehicles and only 2,713 hybrid vehicles were made. Meanwhile, sales for pure electric vehicles and hybrid models totalled 5,579 units and 2,580 units respectively last year.

Of the total new energy vehicle sales in China, 61% was derived from sedan sales and 28% from bus sales. Mr Yang Dong CAAM Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General said the revised plan of energy-saving and new energy vehicles will be unveiled by the Chinese government soon.

Mr Liu Baicheng Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, noted that China will focus on energy-saving vehicles instead of new energy models especially hydrogen-based vehicles, in the near future due to undeveloped technology worldwide. The US has estimated that only 1 million hydrogen vehicles would be produced in North America in 2015.