Rioglass Solar mirrors take part in CSP Today South Africa 2012

Rioglass Solar, the first manufacturer to offer full tempered safety glass mirrors for concentrated solar power applications, will introduce its high quality mirrors to the attendants to the CSP-Today Conference in Johannesburg next February.

The glass mirrors developed and produced by Rioglass Solar, are the best choice to increase energy production of the solar field and overall profitability, allowing the operator of the concentrating solar thermal power plant to take advantage of the outstanding solar irradiation available in South Africa.

Careful process and quality controls allow Rioglass Solar to achieve Interception factor above 99.95% on a 70mm collector tube (discarding only 5mm peripheral bandwidth around the mirror) and optical Focal Deviations FDx lower than 7.5mm, which enable the customers to reduce the solar field substantially, achieving the same output, and thus to reduce the Capex.

The risk of the investment in South Africa will also be minimized if Rioglass Solar’s mirrors are installed, by avoiding breakages due to hail storms or heavy wind conditions. Rioglass Solar’s mirrors are certified to stand the maximum tolerable wind speed required, for instance, for the Upington area, during the expected service time of the power plant (38m/s of maximum wind speed (3 second gust) for a mean return period of 25 years), allowing for huge savings compared to non-tempered mirrors.

Rioglass Solar’s mirrors have also been designed to promote safety and reduce the likehood of cutting and piercing injuries when they are broken by human contact, improving the working conditions of local workers during transport, installation and operation.