Geothermal Energy in Dominica and Saint Kitts and Nevis

Dominica and Saint Kitts and Nevis should work to become centres of excellence and a hub for training and technical assistance in geothermal energy development, according to Edward Lambert, a principal advisor in the Office of Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. The two countries have both embarked on geothermal energy exploration programmes.

“I have a vision for Nevis and a vision for Dominica in terms of the development of geothermal resources,” said Lambert. “I see down the road where we should work to become centres of excellence in the development of geothermal resources and become the hub for training and technical assistance to the rest of the entire Caribbean Community region in geothermal development.”

Lambert, who is also the Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Development of Geothermal Resources in Dominica, visited Nevis this weekend along with Dominican Energy Minister Rayburn Blackmore.

“By joining forces in a sub-regional or regional endeavour, I am sure, we would be able to overcome any future obstacles,” he said.

Lambert said he felt it was necessary to visit Nevis because Dominica was working on crafting a range of policy decisions regarding its geothermal development. The Dominican delegation met with Jason Timothy, coordinator of Nevis’ Geothermal Unit.

Nevis has already begun drilling test wells on Nevis Peak, and Dominica is in the process of drilling test wells in the Roseau Valley’s Laudat. Last week, Nevisian Premier Joseph Parry said the island would continue to make green energy a priority.

Minister Blackmore said it was imperative that the two countries collaborate. “We believe we have to speak with each other,” he said . "We have to share best practices and to ensure that we proceed on a positive path because, as we have said before, we are in this together.”