Carmen Becerril (Acciona) advocates investment in wind power

Carmen Becerril (Acciona) supports investment in renewable energy. Acciona Energy’s president, Carmen Becerril, advocated the positive impact of investment in renewable energy in terms of growth of GDP, tax revenue and job creation.

During his participation in the First Global Forum on Sustainability, the president of the division of Acciona Energy said the group Acciona and EDP are making a report to determine in this context of crisis which is the "real contribution" to the macroeconomics of renewable energy, focusing on wind power compared to a fossil.

When analyzing the price of wind power estimated a price of 80 euros per megawatt /hour versus 60 euros/MWh for a combined cycle.

In this case, when making macroeconomic analysis, the result is that of the 80 euros for the wind power almost 56 euros are directed to the creation of GDP, while in the combined cycle of natural gas is 17 euros, said Becerril.

In terms of fiscal contribution, the president of Acciona Energy said that for every dollar received by the wind power in Spain, 33 cents "eventually become taxable income," while gas combined cycle is only 13 cents.

"From the standpoint of income tax collection and tax the difference between technologies is very substantial," she said. Finally, Becerril addressed the variation of employment, to point out that for every million euros invested in wind power will create 20 jobs, while the combined cycle generated only 15.

"Ultimately, three important macroeconomic data when we are talking about the economy in crisis and key growth must begin to play an important role in the equation of future economic policy," said Acciona policy.