Wind energy in Angola: first 100 MW wind farm

Angola set up its first 100 MW wind farm with 50 wind turbines near the city of Tombwa in Namibe province, announced the Ministry of Energy and Water (Minea) in the framework of the massive use of renewable energy.

In the province of Namibe is a significant wind potential, since the average wind speed rom 5.2 meters per second at a height of 40 meters.

Angola prepares the technical documentation necessary for the construction of this wind farm, which will have 50 wind turbines of two megawatts each.

In addition to projects related to wind power sector also identified biomass projects, both from forest wastes such as municipal solid waste (organic), which can serve as a source of supply.

It is also in advanced study of photovoltaic solar power projects, such as the so-called "Casa Solar", which is the training center of Minea.