Vast potential of wind power in Pakistan

The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) seems to be moving in the right direction as its Chief Executive Officer Arif Alauddin has announced that at least 400 megawatts of electricity from wind farm projects in Gharo and Jhimpir, Sindh will be added to national grid by the end of the current year, which is being observed as the year of wind energy.

He also added that investments worth 500 million dollar have also been committed for wind energy projects and several of these wind farm projects are in advance stages of implementation.

This is really encouraging as the good news comes in the backdrop of energy crisis which is aggravating with the passage of time affecting badly our economic performance and also disturbing daily life of the people. This is despite the fact that Pakistan has been bestowed with both traditional and non-traditional energy resources but regrettably these have so far not been exploited properly mainly because of lack of planning and commitment.

AEDB was established years back but this institution too remained dormant for a considerable time as the authorities concerned did not provide it with necessary resources and backing to play its role meaningfully. Now it seems that ground work has also been done for long term utilisation of the alternative energy resources as its CEO claimed that they would be adding 1200 MW of energy to the national grid every year from 2013.
We hope that this would not turn out to be yet another tall claim and strenuous efforts would be made to help the nation overcome the energy crisis by way of exploitation of wind and solar resources, which are abundant in the country. There are still some issues that are creating hurdles like acquisition of land for windmills and hopefully the provincial governments concerned would move quickly to resolve them. As the alternative energy resources are promising, we would also urge the authorities concerned to go for technology transfer and local research and development as well to provide a sound basis for accelerated progress in the sector.