Wind power in Bahrain

According to Fiza Developers managing director B M Farookh, Bahrain could benefit more from using wind power compared to other renewable energy sources.

"About five acres of land would be needed to generate one megawatt of electricity through solar energy," said Mr Farookh during his recent visit to Bahrain.

The study, which incorporates wind speed research analysis, grid connectivity and other parameters, is expected to be completed within a year and would be submitted to the government.

Mr Farookh has won many awards in this field including top honours for the highest contribution for the development of wind energy in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

Meanwhile, Professor Yousef Abdul Ghaffar of the Kingdom University said that basic studies on the topic were completed as early as 1975.

"But we did not have any opportunity to implement it until now," added Prof Ghaffar, who is working closely with the project.

The move towards renewable energy is in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, he added.

The study is another contribution from Al Namal Group to support the drive for green energy in the GCC, according to executive vice-president (Business Development) Mohammed Mansoor.

Mr Mansoor said that the whole of GCC could benefit from an alternative energy source like wind power and hoped to see more developments in the area of renewable energy.