Geothermal energy in Himachal Pradesh (India)

"An action plan to know the geothermal energy potential of the state will be prepared soon," Dhumal said. Himachal Pradesh falls in the Himalayan geothermal province which ranges from Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir to Assam, covering a vast swathe of geographical area and encloses over 150 thermal manifestations.

"Thermal sites in the Parbati and Kullu Valley of the state are known for their high temperatures due to hot springs in the area. Such sites are best suited for developing geothermal energy projects," he said.

Dhumal said with the exploration of the state’s geothermal power potential, every household in local areas would be getting adequate and economical power.

"Even large cold storages could also be run by using geothermal energy. This would enable us to adopt clean development mechanisms and reduce dependency on conventional power sources," he added.