Ford to introduce five new electric cars

"It will be the most ecofriendly vehicle lineup in our history," said Alan Mulally, Ford president and CEO, at the North American International Auto Show on Monday.

On Monday, Ford unveiled its new 2013 Fusion along with a brand-new hybrid version – vehicles which will be competing against the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry for preeminence in the highly-competitive mid-size sedan sector.

With the Camry and the Accord slowly losing market share over the past three years, Ford has been eyeing an opportunity to make inroads in the C-D segment and draw new buyers away from the popular imports.

The Fusion has been gaining market share since its introduction in 2006. Last year, more than 248,000 units were sold, marking the Fusion’s best-ever sales year.

It’s now the third best-selling vehicle in the segment, behind the Camry and the Nissan Altima. "In addition to now being the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the segment, its residual sales values have increased by 35 per cent in the past three years," said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of the Americas.

The new Fusion will feature a number of drivetrain choices: twolitre and 1.6 litre gasoline-powered eco-boost engines, as well as a 1.6-litre four cylinder hybrid and a 185-horsepower two-litre four cylinder electric-hybrid.

It’s anticipated that the hybrid will offer 47 mpg and the electrichybrid will offer drivers a 100 mpg equivalent with a full range of 500 miles.

Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s vicepresident of global product development, said the new Fusion designs will offer a combination of "fuel-efficiency and comfort with great styling."