400 MW Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

400,000. This is the number of Danish households that as of next year will have their power consumption covered by Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. Today, we start construction.

”It’s in fact somewhat of a record; in early July 2010, we won the project based on the Danish Energy Agency’s tender. And already 18 months later, the first monopile was driven into the seabed. This is the first time in DONG Energy’s history that we’ve achieved this so quickly, and as far as I know, neither has anyone else.” says Senior Vice President in Renewables, Christina Grumstrup Sørensen.

The first monopiles were driven into the seabed between Christmas and New Year, but today, we start the official construction of Anholt wind farm. Anholt Offshore Wind Farm will consist of 111 wind turbines across an area of 88m2, 15km from shore. The wind turbines will be erected at water depths of 15 to 19 metres, and they will have a rotor diameter of 120 metres.

”Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is a giant offshore wind farm – even for us, but it’s exactly the capacity we need to speed up the industrialisation to ensure that offshore wind power stays competitive. Now we can take the next step in the development of the Danish energy sector towards a fossil-free energy supply,” says Christina Grumstrup Sørensen.

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is owned jointly by DONG Energy (50%), PensionDanmark (30%) and PKA (20%). DONG Energy is responsible for the construction and operation of the offshore wind farm.

Wind turbines: Siemens 3.6MW-120
Number of wind turbines: 111
Wind turbine capacity: 3.6MW
Overall wind farm capacity: 400MW
Hub height: 81.6 metres
Rotor diameter: 120 metres
Total height of wind turbine: 141.6 metres
Weight, blade: 18 tonnes
Weight, tower: 200 tonnes
Weight, nacelle: 205 tonnes
Total weight of each wind turbine: 460 tonnes
Weight, foundation: 400-630 tonnes
Pile driving depth: 20-30 metres
Water depth: 15-19 metres
Length, monopile: 33-47 metres
Cut-in wind speed: 4m/s
Full production from 13m/s
Cut-out wind speed: 25m/s
Distance to shore: 15 km
Wind farm area: 88km2
Construction period: 2012-2013
In operation : Autumn 2013