Wind energy in Ethiopia: Adama Wind Farm with 34 Wind Turbines

The construction of the Adama Wind Power Project, Ethiopia is progressing satisfactorily. 17 wind turbines are in place at this time, installed by the contractor for the project Hydro China-CGCOC, a Chinese partnership.

Construction on the wind farm launched in July of last year is planned to complete within a year. It is expected that the project will generate 51 MW of electric power after all 34 proposed wind turbines are installed.

The Technology Faculty of Addis Ababa University is in charge of providing consultancy services for the construction of Adama I. The wind energy project is being funded by a 157 Million US dollar loan from the Export-Import Bank of China.

It is to be remembered that the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation is to construct six wind power and one geothermal energy plant this fiscal year. The alternative power generating projects are expected to have the capacity to generate 1,015 Mega Watts.

The wind energy projects are Adama II Wind Power Project (153 MW), Assela Wind Power Project, (100MW), Ayisha Wind Farm (300MW), Debre Berhan Wind Farm (100MW), Galema I Wind Power Project (250 MW) and the Mosebo Harena Wind Farm (42 MW).

The Aluto Langano geothermal energy project is expected to have the capacity to generate 70 MW. The wind power and geothermal energy projects are part of EEPCO’s aim to increase Ethiopia’s electric power generation capacity to 10,000 MW from the current 2000 MW capability.