TI introduces industry’s first lithium ion batteries charger

The highly integrated single-cell Li-Ion battery charger has dual inputs, which allow operation from either a USB port or higher power input supply (AC adapter or wireless power input). The two inputs are fully independent from each other and are easily configurable using the I2C interface or stand-alone interface.

Key features and benefits

Integrated FETs support charge rates up to 2.5 A (10.5 W) from IN input, and 1.5 A from USB input.
Dual source inputs, AC adapter and USB 2.0/3.0 compatibility provide flexibility in design and applications.
D+/D- auto adapter for USB input ease system design and reduce external components.
20-V input with 10.5-V over voltage protection supports low-cost unregulated adapters and poor USB sources.
Integrated power path allows system startup from deeply discharged or no battery power operating conditions.
BC1.2 compliance, JEITA charging support and thermal regulation protection help to provide safe and accurate battery operation.