AMP Electric Vehicles Debut of Fully Electric Car SUV

The 100% electric conversion, developed independently by AMP’s engineers, is based on the popular ML 350 SUV. The new model is the industry’s first all electric – all wheel drive SUV offering.

The unveiling of the AMP all-electric MLe AWD occurred at the 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. U.S. Congressman John Dingell of Michigan, U.S. Environmental Protection Administrator Lisa Jackson and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio experienced a prototype of the innovative groundbreaking EV that is on-hand for test drives on the Ride & Drive track.

The company stated that the MLe AWD is a significant step forward for our industry in reducing carbon emissions and our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

At the introductory press event Senator Brown commented, "The reason that the auto industry came back after the auto rescue of a couple years ago is because of the kind of innovation that AMP and others do."

"The new AMP MLe AWD electric vehicle represents a major accomplishment for our company. There is a segment of buyers who demand all wheel drive functionality in an SUV and prior to the introduction of this new vehicle they were locked out of the EV market. We believe that this new 100% electric AWD SUV represents an important first for the EV industry," said Jim Taylor, AMP CEO.

AMP announced that it would immediately begin to take reservations for the AMP MLe- EV from fleet and retail customers online at or at our recently announced dealership, AMP of Cincinnati at

AMP was founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs who have created several hi-tech companies. Currently, the AMP team is comprised of top automotive industry veterans and business executives. AMP’s first all electric demonstration models were the Saturn Sky and the Chevrolet Equinox. Since its inception, AMP’s unique electrification technology has proven to be an idea that has generated an extreme amount of interest, with inquiries coming from around the world. AMP’s intent is to electrify a range of OEM SUVs as well as fleet passenger and delivery vehicles, and expects to announce new model additions in 2012. The Company expects its vehicle electrification technology will provide new solutions to America’s energy demands.