ACG Cars Introduces Neighborhood Electric Car T-Sport LSV

If you’ve got errands to run and wish you could leave your gas guzzler in the garage, ACG Cars of California has introduced a practical solution for you; the T-Sport LSV. The T-Sport is an all electric, street legal, four passenger vehicle. With a top speed of twenty-five miles per hour and a range of around forty miles, the T-Sport is the fair weather alternative to running around town in the family sedan.

Also classified as a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), the T-Sport can be recharged by plugging into any standard household outlet. Advanced technology including a brushless A/C motor, computerized controller and LCD in-dash display help provide operating costs of mere pennys per mile. Coming fully equipped with a retail price of $7950.00, the T-Sport just may be the second car you turn to first.

ACG Cars of California, a technological leader in the field of neighborhood electric vehicles, is now offering a fun, affordable, street legal alternative to the family sedan.