Nuon merges onshore wind farm business with Vattenfall

Nuon Renewables will announce that it is to integrate its portfolio with that of parent company Vattenfall, creating a combined onshore wind energy business that could invest up to £1bn in the UK by 2020.

The move will see Nuon Renewables take on the Vattenfall name and bring together 14 wind power projects in England, Wales and Scotland totalling over 624 MW of wind turbines capacity under the same management.

The merger comes after Vattenfall’s acquisition of Dutch utility Nuon and its subsidiaries in 2009, after which Nuon Renewables in the UK operated independently of its parent company.

Piers Guy, former head of development at Nuon Renewables, will now become Vattenfall’s new head of onshore wind power development in the UK.

‘This larger Vattenfall onshore wind farm business in the UK is now very substantial and with the support of the UK and devolved governments could invest nearly £1bn by 2020 and make a telling contribution to meeting green energy targets and creating jobs,’ he said in a statement.