Goldwind Contracts For Several U.S. Wind Energy Projects

Each agreement is for Goldwind’s permanent-magnet direct-drive wind turbines on the customers’ wind farms.

Upon completion of these wind farm projects, Goldwind USA will have wind power projects operating in California, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio and Rhode Island, as well as in Ecuador, Chile, Cuba and Pakistan.

Goldwind USA also says it expects to announce another major U.S. wind power deal in the coming weeks. In all, Goldwind has over 200 MW of wind turbines sales and wind farm project acquisitions in place in the Americas.

Last month, Goldwind had announced that it has entered into an agreement with China Three Gorges Corporation (Three Gorges) to provide it first wind power project in Pakistan with 33 units of GW77/1500 high-temperature Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) wind turbines. The agreement also includes two years of operations and maintenance service.

“The U.S. wind energy market is particularly competitive and to succeed there demonstrates any global company’s ability to compete on an international scale,and we are pleased to see such promising results in such a short period of time,”

Wang Haibo, head of the Hong Kong-based Goldwind International said Tuesday.According to Kate Dusett, Goldwind USA’s point person for logistics and sourcing, the company has been reliant on local sources of material to achieve its goals.

“We have worked with a variety of U.S. companies to make our projects happen here,” Dusett said. “With help from companies such as LM Wind Power, Broadwind Energy, the Timken Company, Maxwell Technologies and so many others, we’ve not only built high quality projects, but have created over 400 U.S. jobs in this process.”