Sinovel have concluded the first Chinese wind power order in Brazil

Sinovel, the world’s second largest wind energy supplier, has signed a wind energy contract with Brazilian renewable power generating company, Desenvix, a subsidiary of the Engevix engineering group. Sinovel will deliver a total of 23 sets of its SL1500/82 wind turbines for a 34.5 MW wind farm in Sergipe, Brazil.

Sinovel has been the largest Chinese wind turbine supplier since 2008. The company almost doubled its global market share in 2009, making a major leap forward from 5.0% to 9.2%, the best performance among the Top 10 suppliers. Year 2010 also saw a substantial increase in market share that made the company No.2 in the world.

Desenvix Energias Renovaveis S.A., incorporated and organized on 19 May 1995, focuses on the development, implantation and operation of electricity generation solely from renewable sources. It has developed or contributed to the implantation of more than 5000 MW of electricity generation in Brazil. Having switched its focus to the wind energy market, Desenvix is looking for new development.

Commissioning of the Barra dos Coqueiros wind farm is expected to be carried out by July 2012. To meet the schedule, Sinovel will deliver the turbines by December 2011. In addition, Sinovel has already received a certain amount of deposit as a loyalty fee.

According to Mr. Lecheng Li, Senior Vice President of Sinovel Wind Group, “This deal is a good beginning for both Sinovel and Desenvix. It strengthens the green energy presence of Desenvix and opens the door for Sinovel to the Latin American market. With the successful model of the Barra dos Coqueiros wind farm, the whole market is now aware that the wind farm solution from China is not only attractive but feasible”. Sinovel has also decided to build a manufacturing facility in Brazil to show its strong commitment to this market, the location of which is under investigation.

“The Chinese Dragon is coming; Chinese suppliers are looking to deploy their technologies in the markets in which we’re operating. As an independent global developer, we’re the ideal partner, and our aim is always to provide clean and renewable energy. We are deeply certain that it’s the right choice to cooperate with Sinovel on this project and future projects,” President and CEO of Desenvix Mr. Jose Antunes Sobrinho says.

Mr. Weidong Zhou, Chief Director of China Development Bank Corporation in South America, attended the contract signing ceremony, saying “The relationship between China and Brazil is very important nowadays. We would like to see more cooperation between companies from these two countries”. Mr. Zhou also expressed good will and a supportive attitude for Sinovel’s business development in Brazil.