Connectivity between electric cars and public battery charging systems

Greenvity Communications has entered into a technology partnership agreement with MegaChips Corporation to jointly develop a series of connectivity technologies for smart energy management and electric vehicle applications. The collaboration aims to deliver products that will enable consumers and utility companies to monitor, manage and optimize energy usage for smart-grid connected appliances, equipment and electric vehicles through smart meters and home gateways.

The companies have a combined vision to develop technologies and patent-pending techniques that ensure intelligent and reliable communication among applications in the global home area network (HAN) and smart energy management market segments. Greenvity will focus on mixed-signal, RF and signal processing IC technologies, while MegaChips will contribute its expertise in digital IC, software and manufacturable system design along with its history of delivering successful, high volume products to the Japan market.

“We are pleased to have a company of MegaChips’ stature share our vision in creating enabling technologies for a greener future,” said Hung Nguyen, CEO of Greenvity. “MegaChips is a highly respected company in Japan and their systems expertise and infrastructure will complement and accelerate the development and production of Greenvity’s reliable and robust connectivity technologies.”

The technologies that are created through this partnership are intended to enable real-time monitoring and management of energy usage and potentially reduce consumers’ energy usage by as much as 50 percent. The standard-based wireless and powerline communications technologies developed under the technology partnership will enable connectivity between energy-efficient appliances and smart meters. These technologies also will enable the connectivity between electric vehicles and home or public battery charging systems for automatic load balancing and payment/billing information.

Planned technology development will include but is not limited to mixed-signal, RF, algorithms, signal processing, modules and software. Initially supported communication standards will include 802.15.4g wireless, HomePlug Green PHY powerline communication (frequency from 2 MHz to 30 MHz) and narrow-band powerline communication (supporting variety of frequency spectrums from FCC, ARIB to CENELEC).

“The key to effectively managing energy usage and enabling consumers to save significant amounts of energy is creating systems based on reliable communications technologies,” said Akira Takata, CEO of MegaChips Corporation. “We are impressed with Greenvity’s innovative connectivity solutions and have decided to partner on future technology development, as well as take an active role in supporting them.”

In addition to collaborating on technology development, MegaChips has decided to have a stronger relationship with Greenvity with an undisclosed direct investment. Akira Takata, CEO of MegaChips, has also joined the Greenvity Communications board of directors.

MegaChips Corporation (1st section of the TSE: 6875) was established in 1990 as an innovative fabless company dedicated to system LSIs with the goal of integrating LSIs and systems knowledge. Their focus is on the development of cutting-edge system LSIs and systems products incorporating original algorithms and architecture in the areas of imaging, audio and communications, and using the advances they achieve to offer outstanding products and solutions that meet the needs of their clients.

Greenvity Communications is transforming the smart energy management, Home Area Network (HAN) and electric vehicle markets with its innovative and patent-pending smart connectivity technologies. Greenvity develops Powerline Communications (PLC) system-on-chips and unique energy management technologies to enable ultimate connectivity for a wide range of smart energy applications in the smart meter, home gateway, smart appliance, solar and electric vehicle markets. With full operations beginning in 2010, Greenvity is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley.