Sunvalley Solar Awarded New Solar Energy Contract

The Hans Enterprise solar power system will generate up to 126,224kWh of electrical power annually using three hundred and seventy eight 235 watt high efficiency solar panels. Sunvalley won this contract due to its high quality and inventive solar solutions, and its ability to leverage incentives from local and federal programs and its own client-financing program. The approximate value for this contract is in excess of $486,000.

"We are very excited to see the increased demand for commercial solar energy in Southern California. Building on the success of this system we expect to generate future business from Anaheim Utility. As always, we strive to provide the optimum solar solutions and highest quality to our clients in a timely manner. We realize the importance of creating and sustaining good customer satisfaction – our work speaks for itself," said James Zhang, CEO of Sunvalley Solar, Inc.

The installation for this project will start by the middle of 2012. Sunvalley Solar, Inc. is a leading solar system solution provider that offers comprehensive solar energy technology, system design, installation, equipments, and technical support for electrical contractors, builders, homeowners, businesses/commercial buildings, and government entities that assist them in lowering of utility bills, reducing environmental impacts, and increasing energy reliability and independence through solar energy.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Sunvalley Solar, Inc. is committed to reducing the world’s carbon foot print from traditional energy sources to make renewable sources such as solar the nation’s mainstream source of power.