Installed capacity of photovoltaic solar energy exceeds 100 MW in Xinjiang

Taking the Kumul-based 20-megawatt on-grid PV power plant invested by China Power Investment Corporation into account, the total installed capacity of on-grid PV power plants has exceeded 100 megawatts in Xinjiang.

According to Xinjiang’s development and reform commission, the four 20-megawatt on-grid PV power plants are located in Kumul, Yingjisha county in Kashgar, Qinghe county in Altay, and Shanshan county in Turpan respectively.

The four plants, which were completed and put into operation as scheduled on Dec. 27, 2011, attract total investments of 1.4 billion yuan from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company.

The five solar energy plants can provide more than 138 million kilowatt-hours of electricity to the power grid each year, which will accelerate the utilization of Xinjiang’s natural resources, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, and meet the region’s growing power needs.