In 2011 it sold 375 electric vehicles in Spain

The electric car registrations in the Spanish market stood at 375 electric cars during the past year, representing a more than five-fold increase (+443%) .

The figures for electric car registrations in Spain represent a significant increase compared with the previous year, although they are still far from the objectives of the Comprehensive Strategy to Promote Electric Vehicle, launched by the previous PSOE government.

The provisions of this strategy looked close 2011 with 20,000 electric vehicles in Spain. However, these 375 electric cars sold in 2011 represent an increase over the previous year.

In December, the electric car registrations stood at 61 electric vehicles in Spain, resulting in an increase of 662.5% over the same month last year.

The Community of Madrid was the region that experienced a higher volume of sales of electric vehicles in 2011, with 181 electric cars, a 805% increase, followed distantly by Galicia, with 38 electric vehicles. In December, sales of electric cars in Madrid were 32 units (+700%).

By José Santamarta,