Wind energy and electric vehicles

A total of 13 large-sized images illustrate the fascination already held today by electric driving concepts. The pioneering electric vehicles shown include the Jaguar E, electrified exclusively by Windreich AG, in part together with innovative self-developed mobile wind charging stations, which supply electric vehicles with cleanly generated power from any location. "Wind is the energy for the mobility of tomorrow – the images in this calendar make it impressively clear", said Willi Balz, Chairman of the board of Windreich AG. The 12 monthly themes are a testament to how far Windrich AG has advanced with respect to E-mobility in the year 2011. The calendar for 2012 depicts a sketched rotor blade; and additional motif shows the actual dimensions of this roughly 60-meter-long offshore structure. Windreich chief Balz is shown together with Formula 1 driver Timo Glock in front of the massive rotor blade.

The individual images:

January: Windreich AG at the opening of the "Automobile Summer 2011" at the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart. A highlight of the exhibition for technology and innovation is the "Windrich Arcus E" – the first two-seater glider in the world which can take off entirely without CO2. The transport trailer also serves as a charging station.

February: "Windreich E". The eletromobile is based on the sports car legend Jaguar E from 1961. With the electrification of this automobile icon, Windreich AG has made the initial "E" an agenda. Its driving performance at least matches that of the original.

March: "Wind is the energy for the mobility of tomorrow." At the "Retro Classics meets Barock" event in Ludwigsburg, Windreich AG shows fascinating electric cars. Also a five-meter-high wind turbine with a diameter of roughly two meters symbolises the source of the energy used for the company’s mobility activities.

April: E-mobility on land and in the air: In 2010 the "Arcus E" glider marked the start of the commitment of Windreich AG to the field of E-mobility. Soon after this, the electrified "Jaguar E" caused a sensation. CO2-free flying and driving from any location is made possible thanks to the mobile wind charging station.

May: The "Winreich E" celebrates its premiere at the "Silvrette E", a rally for alternative drives. The sports car icon was electrified by specialists with many years of experience in the fields of E-mobility and motorsports. The installation time amounted to a mere four months.

June: The "Windreich Arcus E" was distinguished by the President of Germany as part of the competition "365 Places in the Land of Ideas". Its most prominent passengers until then included the world-famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner (see photo) and the successful pioneer and scientist Bertrand Piccard.

July: E-mobility at its most beautiful. In their book "Waft", journalists Lies de Mol and Bart Lenaerts tell only extraordinary car stories. Twelve full pages of this large-sized work are devoted to the story of the electrified Jaguar E by Windreich AG.

August: Almost without a sound, the electrified Jaguar tears over the asphalt of the Nürburgring Nordschleife race track. The "Windreich E" can show its entire performance spectrum on the most difficult race track in the world – and the lap times are an impressive proof of this.

September: AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2011: At the anniversary race "50 Years Jaguar E", the fastest vehicles of this type worldwide compete for the victory. The "Pace Car" runs only electrically; its acceleration values more than amazed the experienced drivers of combustion-engine-driven race cars.

October: The Windreich Arcus E is the first two-seater glider which can take off without CO2. In addition, the batteries of the electric glider are charged exclusively with cleanly generated energy – via a 3.5-kilowatt wind turbine mounted on the roof of the hangar at the Hahnweide airfield in Kirchheim unter Teck.

November: Windreich AG brought its own energy source along to the Haldenhof Revival and demonstrated the entire land-based and – for the first time – location-independent E-mobility process chain. The company took part on the traditional event in Ludwigshafen-Bodman on Lake Constance in the racing class with a Porsche electrified by the company Ruf – creating the required energy with an on-location 3.5-kilowatt wind charging station.

December: As the culmination of a successful E-mobility season, Windreich AG reached 1st place in the prototypes category and 2nd place in the overall standings of the "Future Car Challenge", which led the participants from Brighton to London. A total of 65 automotive manufacturers and private engineers competed against each other with their vehicles at the most challenging competition in the world for vehicles with alternative drive concepts.