Wind energy in Pakistan: 12 wind farm projects of 1,000 MW capacity to be functional in 2013

The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) claimed that more than 12 wind turbines projects with generation capacity of 1,000 megawatts (MW) and estimated cost of $1.6 billion are lying in the pipeline and will be operational in 2013, besides 10 other wind farm projects of installed capacity of 550 MW in 2012.

However, the country has been facing severe power shortage since last couple of years, while AEDB is in the declining phase and contributed merely 6.2 MW to the national grid since its last eight working years.

Once again AEDB claimed that infrastructure development process on more than 10 wind energy projects of generating alternative energy from the wind resource by different independent power producers (IPPs) is being continued on war footing basis and is likely to contribute more than 550 MW to the national grid till mid or 3rd quarter of the upcoming New Year 2012.

More than 12 other wind power projects under feed-in-tariff programme with estimated cost of $1.6 billion are lying in the pipeline and likely to generate 1,000 MW during calendar year 2013. The current gap between power supply and demand across the country has reached up to 4,500 MW during the winter season, while it had exceeded up to 7,500 MW during the outgoing summer season, however after the claims of AEDB, a new hope of addressing the public grievances regarding minimising the power load shedding has risen. The public expectations can be met if the board succeeds to push upcoming new IPPs to contribute more than 1,550 MW to the national grid.

AEDB also ascertained that after the groundbreaking ceremony, which is expected today (Friday), power producer Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (TGFWFP) having installed capacity of 49.5 MW would be able to contribute generation volume to the national grid within next six months of calendar year 2012.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) was determined the tariff for the said IPP, 13.393 cents and 33 wind turbines would be installed on the site with each capacity of 1.5 MW.

The wind energy produced will be 138.70 GWh at p50 level on the basis of wind speed of 7.4m per sec and its selected wind turbines of Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology Co Limited having hub height of 85 metres.

NEPRA allowed the Chinese company $0.335 million as letter of credit charges for import of the machinery, however these charges would be adjusted at commercial operations date on actual basis, not exceeding the maximum ceiling of $0.335 million, upon production of verifiable documentary evidence to the satisfaction of the authority.

The wind farm project cost, which Three Gorges submitted before NEPRA, maintained that non-ECP cost for the said 49.5 MW wind power project is estimated at $2.989 million, project development costs $4.013 million, land cost $0.098 million, duties and taxes $0.419 million, pre-COD insurance cost $1.921 million, financial charges $ 3.099 million, Sinosure fee $7.0339 million and interest paid during construction is likely to be fixed up to $4.856 million.

Zeeshan Javaid,