Tracking Solar Power across the USA

This report is packed with detailed analysis, charts, tables and maps incorporating the latest available data on capacity, generation and consumption trends at both the national U.S., individual State and Sector level.

This databook also provides market share information for the top developers and solar farms with a breakdown between concentrated solar and photovoltaic plants. Data coverage is for the latest month, year-to-date and 3 years of history.


In August 2011, a cumulative 1,013 MW of solar energy capacity across the USA generated 285 GWh of electricity. 175 MW of capacity have been added year to date and electricity generation from solar energy sources is 51.35% higher than the same period the previous year. Solar energy now accounts for 0.10% of total capacity across the USA and has accounted for 1.30% of all added capacity year to date.

This is just a snapshop of generation, consumption and capacity trends for solar energy across the USA. The full report Tracking Solar Energy across the USA contains over 55 pages of detailed tables, charts, maps and analysis and is updated monthly.


Primary energy production, consumption, electricity net generation , installed and added capacity, solar plants.
Comprehensive analysis of current (latest month, year to date) and historical data (last 12 months, last 36 months)
Analysis at the national U.S., individual State and Company level.
Comparison of solar energy versus aggregate trends in total renewable energy and total energy (conventional + renewable energy sources).