RWE Innogy expands its Spanish wind turbines portfolio to 447 megawatts

The wind farm was commissioned in 2005 and has since been supplying electricity to an equivalent of 30,000 households a year. Dr. Hans Bünting, CFO of RWE Innogy explains: Due to excellent wind conditions, in particular, the Spanish onshore wind energy market is one of the most attractive markets in Europe and thus crucial for our growth strategy. The wind farm, in which we now hold a majority share, fits in extremely well with our existing portfolio.

In Spain, either a fixed or a variable feed-in tariff rate can be chosen as a basis for payment for the electricity produced. The variable tariff rate which is used for the plants operated by RWE Innogy consists of the wholesale price plus a premium for renewable energies.

Spain aims to have onshore wind power plants with a capacity of 35,000 megawatts in operation by 2020. At the end of 2010, the country had achieved its 20-gigawatt target.