Wind energy in Brazil: new wind power auction

A total of 39 wind farm plants sell power in the new energy auction, also called A-5, which contracts for energy supply in early 2016. Most wind turbines projects (15 of them) is in Ceará, followed by Rio Grande do Norte, where they are located a further 12 wind farms. The states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul will receive five wind turbines projects each, and the remaining two wind power projects are in Maranhão.

The largest contract value in wind power was R$109.40/MWh, Ventos do Sertão, located in Bahia, which sold 2,226,564 MWh. Since the lowest value for the energy from the wind energy was R$97/MWh, hit by EDP in Brazil for the wind turbines parks all located in Rio Grande do Norte and totaling 120 MW of installed capacity. Together 9,749,792 MWh traded.

In addition to wind turbines projects, two biomass thermal energy also able to negotiate. In the distribution side, Celg D was the main buyer, acquiring 14.279 million MWh, or 13.6% of the total. Second is Eletropaulo, with 11.423 million MWh (10.9%), followed by Celesc D, with 10.048 million MWh (9.6%), and Celpe, with 9.995 million MWh (9.5%)

By José Santamarta,