Magnesium Batteries Could Establish US Leadership in Electric Vehicles Market

Magnesium production and demand has nearly doubled in the past 10 years, and now a global need for green vehicle solutions may spike the demand even further.

Hoping to be first to market with a magnesium battery for electric cars, Pellion Technologies, Inc is developing low-cost rechargeable Magnesium Batteries with high energy density.

Competing with lithium-ion batteries, magnesium batteries will potentially be cheaper, more efficient and also address a new issue that has come to surface – safety.

According to the Advanced Research Projects Agency at the US Department of Energy site, "Pellion Technologies, an MIT spin-out company, will develop inexpensive high-energy-density rechargeable magnesium-ion batteries with the potential to disrupt current energy storage technologies for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

To develop a game-changing 33 magnesium-ion battery, Pellion will leverage high throughput computational materials design, coupled with accelerated materials synthesis and electrolyte optimization, to identify new high-energy density magnesium cathode materials and compatible electrolyte chemistries. If successful, this project will develop the first commercial magnesium-ion battery and will establish U.S. technological leadership in this exciting new high energy battery chemistry for electrified vehicle applications."

With US auto sales improving and global demand and pressure to address climate change with green automotive solutions, magnesium producer China Direct Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:CDII) , is positioned with a substantial lead in market share of supplying pure magnesium and will be a key player in the green roads of the future.

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