Moving Forward the Offshore Wind Power

Wind Energy Update found companies such as SeaTower (Norway) have already adapted their business strategy to face the emerging issues associated with wind farm projects that are moving further from shore and into deeper and harsher ocean environments. SeaTower is currently joining its efforts with foundation manufacturer MT Højgaard for the construction of their Crane-free gravity foundations.

The new foundation (a hybrid concrete/steel structure, which lends itself to efficient mass production and is installed without use of expensive lifting vessels) have been developed specifically for installing and maintaining the larger sized turbines that are needed for the next generation of farshore wind farms. Moreover, the foundation is designed to reduce the total projects cost by using significantly simpler installation procedures requiring a weather windows of only 12 hours as reported by Wind Energy Update.

Wind Energy Update contacted Mr Petter Karal, the CEO of SeaTower, to get some more information on the logic behind this important business move. According to Mr Karal the project is a “great opportunity for the two companies to share their offshore wind experience and to develop innovative solution for the upcoming farshore wind farm projects”. In fact, the Crane-free foundation is a result of a EUR 3 million research and development project undertaken by SeaTower this year, based on the company’s extensive knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry.

Mr Karal is among the other high level industry leaders, speaking at the 2nd annual offshore wind supply chain conference taking place in London on the 28-29 February 2012. SeaTower’s CEO is looking forward to the event when he will provide last minute update on the company’s extensive offshore wind related experience.