First wind farm in Bolivia would have Chinese wind turbines

The China’s state company Sinomach plans to build the first wind power plant in Bolivia’s southern region of Tarinja, located 650 kilometers south of La Paz.

The wind energy project will be completed in the first half of next year and work could begin at the end of 2012 and completed in 2014. Sinomach last week announced plans to install a 21 MW capacity wind farm with 14 wind turbines of 1.5 MW, and an investment of 28 million.

The government of China would finance 85 percent and the government of Tarija remaining 15 percent. The wind farm will be on the outskirts of the city on a plateau hit by strong winds throughout the year where they will be stationed the 14 wind turbines, 80 meters tall with blades up to 40 meters.

The region has half a million inhabitants. This will be the first wind power project in Bolivia, that today produces electricity with oil and hydropower for consumption.

By José Santamarta,