Siemens: Nissan LEAFs to become the first electric vehicles on its UK fleet

Three Nissan LEAFs are now in use as employee pool vehicles at the engineering company’s Industrial Turbo Machinery business in Lincolnshire. Siemens has ordered a further seven vehicles to be used at other UK locations, including its new Renewable Engineering Centre in Manchester.

Siemens is placing the Nissan LEAF at the centre of its electric vehicle (EV) fleet plans, based on its high profile industry role in developing sustainable technology.

Mark Bonnor-Morris, business development manager of Siemens Mobility and Logistics, Traffic Solutions, said: “We’re moving people between our sites in Lincoln and using the Nissan LEAF means we can travel through the city with zero emissions.”

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson and James May recently broadcast the need for charging points in Lincoln, so Siemens has installed its own high power advanced charging solutions.

It is now working with Lincoln City Council to roll out EV charge points in the city.

Mark adds: “The decision to select the vehicles was based on the quality of driver experience. Our staff can sit in the Nissan LEAF and recognise immediately that it has the comfort and feel of a standard road car; there’s simply no fear of the EV technology or ‘culture shock’ in driving it.

“It equally has many features that provide a high degree of driver safety, such as reversing cameras, which are very important to our Zero Harm safety ethos.

“With our position in the renewable energy market it’s a given that we would be investing in products adopting complementary technology. Our advanced designs for electric vehicle charge points mean we can charge these cars on our own premises as an integral part of our overall energy management strategy.”

Nissan’s fleet sales director, Barry Beeston, said: “Siemens is the latest company to recognise LEAF as the perfect electric vehicle to have on its fleet. The fact that Siemens is a world leader in engineering and technology represents a massive vote of confidence in the LEAF’s technology”.

The company is leasing the vehicles over 24 months through LexAutolease, with a comprehensive , combined support package involving Lex and Nissan.