Korea First to get ‘Next Generation’ Wind Turbines

Infinity Energy Announces Letter of Intent with South Korea for 2,500 MW purchase of their ‘Next Generation’ Wind Turbines. Representatives for Korea have signed a Letter of Intent to purchase 2,500 megawatts worth of wind turbines from Infinity Energy Inc., making it among the largest Wind Farms in the world when complete, according to a company spokesperson.

This wind power project will provide needed power to Korea’s coastline and coastal islands. The process is pending government testing and qualifications, however the selection of Infinity Energy is a major step for the wind energy provider.

Representatives say that the Infinity Energy turbines are the world’s first “Next Generation” wind turbines, due to the significant improvement over traditional 3 propeller wind mills. These ‘jet turbine’ style units produce nearly triple the megawatt power output, produce electrical power in a much larger wind speed range from as low as 1 mph all the way to 250 mph, are operational 100% of the year compared to the industry standard of only 28%, and can produce wind power from any angle.

Korea is very happy with this solution as it solves their particular need for less turbine maintenance, increased safety, greatly reduced noise pollution , as well as an ability to take advantage of high wind speeds during monsoon season.