REpower wins wind power contracts for delivery of 17 wind turbines

REpower has signed deals for a total of 35 MW to supply wind turbines for Hall Farm, developed by RidgeWind, and Earls Hall Farm, developed by RENERCO. The larger development at Hall Farm, located 5km north of Beverly, North Humberside, will have a capacity of 24.6 MW, and consist of 12 MM82 REpower machines. The 10.25 MW wind farm at Earls Hall Farm near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, will see REpower supply five MM92 turbines.

This is the first contract REpower has signed with German based RENERCO Renewable Energy Concepts AG. REpower has already supplied 8 MM92 turbines to RidgeWind for Bagmoor Wind Farm.

The turbines at Earls Hall Farm, with a rated output of 2.05 MW each, will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of at least 5,500 homes annually. The 12 MM82 turbines at Hall Farm will generate power for at least 14,000 homes annually. Combined, these wind farms will be able to meet the energy demands of nearly 20,000 homes.

Construction at Earls Hall Farm will start in the summer of 2012 and the wind farm is expected to be complete by early autumn. Hall Farm will start in the spring with a similar completion date of autumn 2012.

Rick Eggleston, Managing Director of REpower UK, commented;

"We’re delighted to have won two onshore contracts in quick succession. Our continued success is testament to the quality and reliability of our turbines, and the continued buoyancy of the onshore wind market. We’re immensely proud to be working on our second project with RidgeWind, and it is a pleasure to be supplying turbines to RENERCO for the first time."

Since its launch in 2004 REpower UK has delivered 36 onshore wind farms in Scotland, England and Wales and one offshore wind farm, Project Beatrice, in the North Sea. However, its largest offshore contract is currently underway, with the company currently commissioning the 30 REpower 5M wind turbines for Vattenfall’s Ormonde wind farm in the Irish Sea, with a total rated output of 150 MW.