Leeds’ first wind farm approved

Developer Banks Renewables said the wind power site could power about 8,000 homes. Jon Crossley, who spoke at a public inquiry into the planned wind farm in October, said he hoped the impact of the turbines would be "as minimal as the developers suggested".

Mr Crossley, who is chairman of Micklefield Parish Council, added: "I hope we won’t be proved right on the impact that we fear the site will have.

"They are in green belt. They can’t fail to have an impact if, or when, they are built." The wind turbines will measure 125m (410ft) to the tip of the blades. Banks Renewables said the wind farm, at Micklefield, could create about 30 jobs during the construction process.

Mark Dowdall, from the company, said: "We have always believed that the Hook Moor wind farm was a well thought out and sensibly-sited project and are extremely pleased that the many benefits of the scheme have been recognised through the inspector’s decision.

"This scheme’s location, in an area next to the motorways that does not yet have any renewable energy generation, makes it especially important.

"It will play a key role in enabling Leeds City Council to meet its immediate and future renewables obligations." Proposals for the wind farm were rejected by Leeds City Council in 2009 after an objection from the Ministry of Defence.

An appeal was submitted, but this was rejected by a government inspector at the end of 2010. No date has been set for construction work on the wind farm to begin.