Wind energy in Uruguay: expect to hire another 450 MW of wind power

The Uruguayan government yesterday issued a decree that enables UTE to hire wind power without making a new call for bids as originally planned. The government relied on legal authority that allows the numeral 3 of Article 33 of TOCAF.

Thus, the authorities were attempting to gain time in the execution of a tender of wind energy that was defined with a capacity of 450 megawatts, the largest privately called UTE has to hire this energy source to the present.

However, the agency director, Gerardo Rey, said that if bids received above the maximum power, the company is willing to "evaluate" the hiring of over 450 MW. To access to this procurement process, bidders must agree to sell the energy to a price-weighted average of the previous tender awards of 150 MW. This will be about $ 63.5 per MWh.

The decree states that a bidder may not be hired by a power greater than 50 MW. The preference for power sales contracts will be assigned by the result of the last named wind farm. That is, taking the three winners of the previous process will be respected quotation that made private at the time.

On the other hand, reported that Gerardo Rey admitted to the change of location and / or point of connection to the network of joint venture wind farm projects that are in areas of the country in which the implementation of that saturate the transmission network.

Meanwhile, companies that sign contracts with joint venture will also have the benefit of receiving $ 110 per MWh for all those wind farms that sell electricity before 2015. The government expects to exceed 1,000 MW of installed wind power by 2015.

By José Santamarta,