Wind energy in Ecuador: Goldwind supply wind turbines to a wind farm

Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology, the second largest wind power manufacturer in China, won a contract to supply 23 wind turbines to a wind farm in Ecuador.

The wind energy contract represents the second agreement to supply Goldwind wind turbines to Ecuador and have a capacity of 34.5 megawatts. Goldwind this year won a contract to supply wind turbines to a wind farm in the country led by the Electricity Corporation of Ecuador.

The company has begun mass production of its permanent magnet direct drive low speed wind turbines this year to penetrate regions and markets with low wind speed.

Increasingly, major wind turbine manufacturers in China are seeking to export their wind turbines abroad to increase sales at prices of wind turbines in decline and challenging market conditions in their country. Goldwind wind turbines provide high altitude and low wind speed for two wind farms in Ecuador.

By José Santamarta,