Wind Energy Firm Gets Licence in Tanzania

Speaking during the handing over ceremony, Ewura director general Haruna Masebu said the regulatory body has decided to grant the licence after the wind farm firm met all the necessary criteria.

Mr Masebu said the licence, which will be provisional, will last for 30 months."I am happy to announce that Wind EA is the first Tanzanian firm to invest in wind power production, we encourage other firms to apply and follow our criteria," said Mr Masebu

Wind EA director Rashid Shamte said they were happy to receive the licence and they would now concentrate on producing 100 MW in order to eliminate the power problems in the country.

He said they have used the early development stages to confirm the project’s general feasibility, and currently they are looking forward to negotiating its details with TANESCO and the government.

According to Mr Shamte, the project area boasts a strong wind resource, proximity to major transmission lines and a regional centre. He explained that they have considered consistent wind farm project development efforts and adherence to the highest standards in international power project development.

He said the wind farm project has already achieved both a comfort letter from the government and a concept review decision to "proceed" from the World Bank in July 2011. He said Wind EA has undertaken a wind resource measurement campaign and deep consultation efforts in the project area.

These efforts represent the foundation and prerequisite efforts necessary to ensure the solidity of the long-term project effort. He said consistent with both the World Bank and Tanzania guidelines, Wind EA has initiated direct informative consultations with residents in the villages in the project area.

Majuto Omary,