GM close to fixing Chevrolet Volt lithium ion batteries

General Motors engineers are close to finalizing proposed fixes for the Chevrolet Volt battery pack that engineers believe would get rid of the risk of fire being triggered days after a crash, according to sources that spoke with Reuters.

During a side impact crash test, the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery was damaged and the coolant line was ruptured.

The Volt has been under fire since the NHTSA opened a formal probe into the plug-in hybrid electric-car this past weekend following test results that caused electrical fires up to three weeks after crash test.

Sources say that the proposed repair would involve laminating the circuitry in the Volt’s battery pack, reinforcing the case surrounding the lithium-ion battery. The solution would better protect the coolant system from leaks in a severe crash.

GM engineers are expected to provide an update senior management by the end of the week. The fix is expected to be of relatively low-cost.